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BTAMC’s Compliance Hotline


It’s everyone’s responsibility to report compliance violations.

Reporting Code of Conduct Violations and Other Compliance Concerns


Broad Top Area Medical Center, Inc. (BTAMC) is committed to following policies and standards of conduct to ensure our health center is conducting its business ethically and in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The purpose of BTAMC’s Compliance hotline is to provide an alternative method to report suspected compliance violations.

Use BTAMC’s reporting hotline 1-833-888-0352 anytime to report any activity that appears to violate laws, rules, regulations, standards, or federal healthcare conditions of participation.

You are encouraged to submit reports relating to violations stated in our standards of conduct, as well as to ask for guidance related to policies and procedures and to provide positive suggestions. You have our assurance that your comments will be heard.

BTAMC’s Compliance Hotline allows anyone to report compliance concerns anonymously. However, you are encouraged to identify yourself when making a report so we can investigate your concern promptly, thoroughly, and to be able to provide you with direct feedback.

Our health center is committed to an environment where open, honest communications are the expectation, not the exception. We want you to feel comfortable approaching your supervisor or compliance officer in instances when you believe violations of policies or standards have occurred.

**This is not an emergency service. Please do not use this hotline to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. If you require emergency assistance, contact your local authorities