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Broad Top Area Medical Center employs a Certified Application Counselor.

A Certified Application Counselor is trained to help people with their insurance

options through the Healthcare Marketplace at no cost to the consumer.

Certified counselors can help you:

  • Choose a health program
  •  Fill out paperwork
  • Apply for Medicaid 

Not having health insurance is risky for you and your family. Or maybe you have health

insurance, but it is so costly you cannot afford other things your family needs. Our

Certified Application Counselor can help connect you and your family to health

coverage in our area. You may qualify for free or low-cost health insurance! We

can help with Medicaid, CHIP or the new Federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

There is no cost or obligation to meet with us to find out what is available. We’ll help

you understand your options and then assist you with the enrollment process.

Get access to doctor visits, checkups, prescriptions drugs and other services so your

family stays healthy and you avoid costly medical bills.

How can I get into contact with the Certified Application Counselor?  Please contact Amy Alexander at (814) 386-5890 for an appointment or a phone consultation.  

Who is eligible for help from the Certified Application Counselor? This service is available to ANYONE in the community- not just patients of our medical center!  You and your family may qualify for coverage from one of the many programs available such as Pennsylvania Medicaid, CHIP or through the health insurance marketplace.

Health Insurance Assistance